The 21st Century Buddha

WARNING: If you’re a serious person and can’t take humour with a pinch of salt (or sugar, depending on you) it is highly advisable to not read this. Otherwise, if you’re ready to be offended, then head right away!

***NOTE: What if the second coming of Jesus as prophesied in the Bible, the final reincarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu as Kalki as mentioned in the Bhagavath Geeta, the third reincarnation of Sai Baba as Prema Sai and Imam Mahdi indirectly refers to us in this time length and era? What if we all fully grasp this prophecy and truly live it? What then?  I’m a firm believer that we are literally Buddhas, Jesuses, Prophets, Kalkis, Vishnus and Sai Babas all rolled and molded into one. Read on.

A Spiritual seeker takes a flight of stairs in a dingy flat after learning that a certain 21st Century Buddha had incarnated on earth.

He walks into the tiny house and finds the Buddha clad in a t-shirt and shorts, smoking a cigarette while thoroughly enjoying the morning sun rise.

“Where is your monk outfit?” The confused seeker asked.

The Buddha smiles and says, “Hey, times have changed.”

The Spiritual seeker, gravely puzzled, asks, “And why aren’t you meditating and living in the flats instead of the mountains?”

The Buddha laughs and replies, “I’ve done enough of that in my previous life time. And the flat provides even easier access, if you get what I mean.”

“You’re a hoax!” The Spiritual seeker cries. “I thought of you to be a bald man, in a monk outfit, meditating!”

To this, the 21st Century Buddha replies, “Unfortunately for you and fortunately for me, this is who the Cosmos in its entirety decided to manifest itself as. I apologise for ruining your excitement and expectations. Now please, step aside for I wish to enjoy the sunrise or you can choose to sit next to me – the tea leaves are at the table near by – make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy watching the day being born with me. We’ve done enough seeking and questioning. Now, we live in the Present moment.”

The seeker did as he was told and props himself next to the Buddha.

“So are you the Buddha?”

“No. No more Buddhas or Jesuses or Prophets. I am I.” As he said that, the t-shirt clad human whips out his iPhone and asks, “Care to take a selfie?”

The seeker stares at the man dumbfounded. He asks, “Aren’t you here to Enlighten people?”

“I’m sorry. That part of me is long gone.”

“Then what are you here for?”

“To be happy, just like you. Here, smile.” He clicks the camera and posts the image on Facebook.


“Look.” The 21st Century Buddha, clad in his t-shirt and shorts shows his fist. “Can you guess what is inside?”

The seeker in his silly monk outfit tries to guess, “A sweet?”


“Owh! I know! A pendant for me!”

The Buddha laughs and shakes his head, “Unfortunately, no. No more magic tricks. Now we confront the Truth head on.”

“Then what is in there?”

The Buddha reveals his empty palm.

The dejected seeker stares at it sadly and then says, “But.. there is nothing there…”

“Exactly! And from nothing comes everything. Truly, Nothing is something. If you understand this, you’ll fully grasp the daily miracles happening around you.”


“What is the secret to living?” The seeker, still in his silly monk outfit asks the 21st Century Buddha, who, as usual, was clad in his t-shirt and shorts, sat opposite him smoking a cigarette and sipping on tea.

“Laugh at yourself silly constantly everyday. It’s a good 21st Century meditation.”

“I don’t get you.” The seeker asked, seeking clarification.

“Look at me. Can anyone ever imagine Buddha or Jesus or the Prophet or any descended Master to come back in a t-shirt and shorts, smoke a cigarette and speak so freely, brashly, frankly, and use “F” bombs whenever he feels like as he does with you? No more the need for stupid time wasting lengthy lectures infront of a large crowd and then at the end of the day end up getting crucified on a cross or stoned and poisoned to death. Now, here we are sitting at ease next to each other learning, sharing and choosing to be happy. And deep down, we all know that we are already Enlightened. How fucking hilarious can this even get? It’s a huge joke if you ask me.” The Buddha laughed himself silly.

The seeker laughed his ass off hard and became Enlightened.

Somewhere deep within the recesses of our Hearts, there lies this hilarious Buddha who takes nothing seriously. Truly, in essence, we are all this Buddha.


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