Thanks :)


Dear you, I remember that joy on your face, that satisfaction when you saw me get my Diploma. I remember how proud you were. While everyone’s parents came with suits and ties, you were the only one who came with an old collared shirt (your favorite infact) and your old slacks that day. But nevertheless, you didn’t care. And I remember how one of my friend’s dad told me how you pointed at me as I received my Diploma, telling that man, "That’s my son." I miss those moments. I miss that face. Come tomorrow, I’ll be in a suit and tie but you won’t be there physically to see me receive my Degree. But nevertheless, I know you’ll be looking down at me from the Heavens, sitting next to God and I bet my life you would tell God while I receive my Degree, "That’s my son." This Degree’s for you Pa. Thanks for making me a man 🙂


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