After everything that took place in the span of those 4 months, despite the short period of time, I had a time of my life. There were ups and downs but mostly experiences that opened up my eyes alot more. I thought my eyes were opened, until the day she came and made me realise that they weren’t fully open. Things went from bad to worst and we stopped talking and then when we did, things weren’t the same anymore. The environment had made us lose our connection. I no longer felt the same way, nor did she. However, I still had a soft spot for her. So that day, to let her know, in my own eccentric way, I decided to get her a "Thank You" card. And in it, I wrote that I was very much thankful that was she was around and appreciated her presence. I signed off and called her to set a meeting place so that I could pass her the card. But we never met for some reason, and I never had the chance to pass her the card. That night, I went to the stream nearby and threw the card into the river. Maybe the waters would carry it to her? I was mad and sad for she never appreciated this gesture. But as days went by, I felt immature for behaving that way. So I did the only thing I could, being thankful to her in my heart. Thank you. 


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