Sukhbir’s Political Definition of Women

I was bored. I was tired. And i was sleepy in the bus on the way to work today thanks to the Call of Duty Multiplayer session that I had today morning with the gang. So my hormones along with my testosterones fused together and I was inspired to come up with this blog post.


A little word of caution though, it might offend some people but trust me, this was just created for fun. Here’s how i define women politically: 



1. What do you call a women with a sickle in one hand and a hammer in the other?

– A Communist.


2. What do you call a woman who takes charge and tries to be controlling of everything?

– A Fascist. 


3. What do you call a woman with a fire cracker in hand?

– A Suicide Bomber (it’s not really a political definition, but i see it a lot in books and writings about politics).


4. What do you call a woman who nags all the time?

– Propaganda.


5. What do you call a woman with short hair/nearly bald?

– A Revolutionist.


6. What do you call your wife and her family?

– Oppositions.


7. What do you call and old lady with skimpy revealing clothing?

– Terrorism.


8. What do you call a woman who wants to have a last say to everything?

– Democracy.


9. What do you call a woman with a revealing skimpy dress?

– An “Up” rising.


10. What do you call a woman who emotionally blackmails you?

– A Sabotage.


11. Last but not least, what do you call a mother who’s overly protective of you?

– Adolph Hitler.


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