Sukhbir’s Back!!


I’m back people!! You can start cursing your miserable lucky stars now that I’m back to haunt you all again as I always used to muahahaha!! 😀


I’m so sorry for not updating the blog and I’m so sorry for not being able to reply to any of your smses/FB msges or calls from the 27th of November onwards. I didn’t bring my phone along with me to India. And plus I had no time to go cyber cafeing there.  


Okay, enough crap talk! Updates! Updates! I’m back, I’ve lost weight, my skin’s gone darker and I’m loving India even more! I realised white women in Sarees are very beautiful and one word of advice, those Healing Tibetan shops you see in India… those are fake. 


I got loads to share with you guys over here. Those 3 weeks were indeed memorable. Stay tuned on my blog for stories about the trip. I actually wrote a daily journal about everything that happened day to day during my stint in India. So expect very lengthy descriptive blog posts for the next 23 days (*groan…*) 


I’m to tired to start writing about Day 1 today and I’m also having a bad tummy ache and plus I’m sleepy. I’ll go sleep, but I promise you, I will tell you guys everything starting tomorrow. Missed each one of you loads!


Love & Warmth,




Damn… I need one of these Tibetan Healing Sticks badly. Do they work for tummy aches?


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