Sukhbirism: The Art of Dumbness


Sangkaran has a great way to explain and define the wise things I say. He calls it “Sukhbirism, The Art of Dumbness” And here they are, the wise things that I’ve uttered throughout the year. I managed to compile them from my Twitter account.


Take this as my last cup of laughter to you all for the year. See you all next year as I’m leaving to Puttaparthi on the 3rd of December, but preparations for it will take place starting on the 27th of November.


Love you guys alot. See you all in 2010!


SUKHBIRISM: The Art of Dumbness – The Wise Words Uttered In The Year 2009


1. Some people are just too deep that they don’t surface to catch their breath at all.

2. When you laugh, clap your hands. When you cry, slap your face

3. "Bro, for bhajans, can i sing Smooth Criminal?"

4. It’s harder to control one’s fart when one is pissing. So moral of the story is, don’t be pissed off all the time.

5. When one is alive, one’s a subject. But when one’s dead, one is reduced to a mere object.

6. A beautiful girl is one who smiles. But the most gorgeous girl is one who makes me smile.

7. Sometimes, I feel like making a movie based on my life. But most of the time, I feel a sitcom will do.

8. Sukhbir is a believe of Kryon. All beings in this earth are extraterrestrial beings who are yet to realise their extraterrestrial selfs.

9. Going back home from work is the best moment ever of the day!

10. There’s a laughing Buddha in all of us.

11. The beauty of life is best defined when a cloth is seen floating in a river.

12. Sometimes shit happens because that’s nature’s way of disposing unwanted waste products.

13. Nothing’s permanent. What is firm today, will be saggy tomorrow.

14. Life is meaningful when you’re on a bike with the breeze hitting your face instead of being in a car with a suit and a tie.

15. “Dimple, you make my pimple look simple.”

16. When a famous man dies, he leaves a legacy. When a normal man dies, he leaves a name. When Sukhbir dies, he leaves a blog and his Facebook account.

17. The best way to threaten your friends: "Dude! I’m gonna blog about this!"

18. Jesus Christ, it smells like Judas in here!

19. I love the smell of books. They make me feel intellectual.

20. The key to being happy is by constantly making a fool of yourself.

21. The sound of your anklets reminds me of times long forgotten. And as I sit dazed listening to them, I’m overcome with ecstasy.

22. Sukhbir is quite capable of being capable.

23. You can trust a man with a loincloth but not a man with a suit and a tie.

24. Sukhbir has come to a realisation that life was scripted and directed by a playwriter who also happens to be an alcoholic.

25. Life is not all about learning how to acquire things, but it’s all about learning how to live without them.

26. A woman in a black silk top with a wine bottle is way dangerous than a man in a trenchcoat with a Uzi gun.

27. Now i know why people cheat in love. It’s because love is blind.

28. Inspire! Don’t perspire!

29. With money, one can even call a cat a dog and people would believe.

30. Many people don’t walk the talk. I think it’s time to get them wheelchairs.

31. “Our organisation does not believe in technology. For more information about our organisation, please log on to

32. The most influential thing in this world is a yawn.

33. Winning a girl’s heart is like trying to win a dart game at the fun fair. You keep missing the target.

34. Life is a bitch. It barks at me at times but I put a muzzle on it and go on moving forward.

35. The Saint dictates while the Devil procrastinates.

36. Life is like a movie. Play out your role well. Turn it into a blockbuster masterpiece!

37. The reason why we were more happier as kids was because, when we were kids, we didn’t understood a thing.

38. The world would not end in 2012. We would all still be leading our miserable lives just as we’re living it now. 2012 was an idea invented by a bunch of fools who thought they could escape reality. Dream on suckers! 2012 my numeric ass..

39. The irony: When a Chinese meets an Indian, the Chinese sounds more Chinese. But when an Indian meets a Chinese, the Indian sounds more Chinese.

40. Through the Frangipani we run as the rain fall. Your wet hair dances as you avoid me trying to hold you by the hands. Teasing me as you run, the moment I held you in my arms, you silent away in diffidence, like the Sensitive Plant that shuts it’s leaves the moment you touch it.

41. The I remained no more and only He remained.

42. I love computers. They make me look complicated.

43. Life is like a book. Sometimes, one or two characters leave or die. But we got to hang on and must not let the chapter close. Wanna know why? Because these chapters would turn out to be bestsellers someday 🙂

44. Too much Milo makes a person put on a Kilo.



45. In my opinion, the most funniest thing I’ve ever seen is a person happy one moment and then sad in another. The sudden changes in a person’s mood is extremely amusing.


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