I closed my eyes and I could see the world spinning around me. I opened my eyes to keep myself conscious. I looked around and I saw things before me. And I questioned myself, is everything real? What is real and what is not? Am I alive or dead? So all these while, I’ve just been dreaming. Have I been dreaming all this? I laid down to rest on my pillow and I could feel myself stripping my mind and body bit by bit. I stripped it like how someone would dissemble a gun, bit by bit, part by part. I could see that everything that was created and made and formed who I was, was a huge big lie. What am I exactly? I asked myself repeatedly. I thought I was going mad. What is madness exactly? Who is a lunatic? What’s lunacy? And then I closed my eyes and accepted everything for what it was and I could feel myself floating like a balloon on a hot sunny windy day..




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