Story of the Source

Some 27 years ago, the Source decided to take on a human form.

“Give the body scruffy hair. Probably spectacles too,” It said.

“Spectacles? But why?”

“They will become the in thing later on. And hey, add a dash of immaturity as well. We need childish behaviour such as this.”


“And umm.. Wipe out the memory clean from the previous births and let the body remember them back in 27 years time.”

“You sure? But why?”

“For the heck of it. And I will like to have these two souls as the earthly parents to this body.”

“Weird combo, man. You sure about it? Your father is going to be shorter than your mum.”

“Hey, a little bit of inside joke won’t harm anyone.”

“And Source, what would your life’s mission be?”


“Yeah, you need to do work no?”

“Fuck work, man. I’m here to be happy. Did all the major work when I was Buddha, Jesus and plethora of other descended Masters.”

“Fair enough.”

“Let the body go through bouts of depression though. I foresee the Ego strong in this one.”

“Alright. Body is complete. You ready to descend?”


“In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…”

Sound of two babies wailing at 8.45am echoes at the Seremban General Hospital on September 19, 1986.

“Err.. I think we have a slight problem.”

“Problem? You mean, possibility?”


“Tell me.”

“It appears you broke yourself in two. You’re a twin.”

“Ahh yes. Sorry for not letting you know. Due to my impulsive and unexpected nature, I’ve decided to create a clone!”


“No, no. Worry not. It’s going to be hilarious, trust me.”

“Okay Source, now that you’ve descended earth physically, welcome to the third dimension. And I must warn you, many parts of you are yet to err.. for the lack of a better word, Awaken.”

“That is okay. I’ll take it from here.”

“Alright. Initiating Memory Cleanup Sequence.”

“Alright. Go on.”


And all I can remember after that was my cousin sister reminding my five year old physical self that my earthly name is Sukhbir.

“And this is how you spell your name.”

“Ahh damn it. Not this shit again.. Might as well play along..”

Two Connected Souls



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