Something to Work On


Just came back from a very inspiring Internal Sadhana Camp at the centre. I realised from the events that took place today that I shouldn’t just be looking at people for faults, but myself.


So here, I’m just writing out some of the flaws that I’ve got:

1. Egoistic (very)

2. Anger management issues

3. Back bite

4. Lover of sarcasm

5. Critique No.1

6. Promise breaker

7. Moody (I can’t help on this… I try laughing, honestly! But it just doesn’t work sometimes)


Here could be some of the cause or reasons on why the flaws above occur:


1. No proper sleep time table.

2. Not leading a disciplined lifestyle

3. No proper eating time table

4. 24/7 on PC/Facebook/Twitter/Grand Theft Auto

5. Expect from people too much

6. Hope too much


Okay now here’s my plan to work on eradicating these problems:


1. Set a time table (shit… i’m not a time table person..)

2. Start reading more books again.

3. Keep myself busy (either apply for a job or something to keep my mind off things)

4. Listen to slow/soft/classic music

5. Start jogging and working out! 😀

6. Practicing the 9 Points Code of Conduct given by Swami.

7. Practicing on eradicating on one part of my negative value for one month (this is gonna be so God damn tough)

8. Start praying and meditating again.


Alright. Tomorrow it’s all gonna start and happen. I’ll post the updates.


As for Bala, Sangku and Subashini (and the rest of the Sai family) Sorry for being a PITA.


Love <--- Sincerely



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