Let’s side track for a bit shall we? A little bit of commercial break won’t do any harm.


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It’s finally coming out! Tin Tin the movie! Well… it’s made out of graphics but it looks realistic enough. I don’t care. I’m happy for two reasons:


a) Spielberg’s directing it

b) Tin Tin was one of the best known comic ever. Ask anyone now who’s Tin Tin and they’ll give you a weird look.


I remembering reading all of the comics (all 24 of them) in the old school library back in school. I was a librarian, so to pass time during my library duties (not many students borrowed books back then) I used to read the comics. I got introduced to it thanks to me dad who was a fan as well Smile


Just incase you’re wondering who’s Tin Tin, let me give you a brief explanation. The Adventures of Tin Tin were a series of comics created by a Belgian artist, Georges Remi, or more affectionately known as Herge back in the late 20’s. Imagine a 15 year old Indiana Jones with a pet dog, with the intelligence of Einstein running around and crossing deserts and continents and shit and solving puzzles and clues about missing treasures. Even Indiana Jones would be pissing in his pants.


You guys should take the time to read the comics for:


a) The amazing art work.

b) Simple, easy to understand language with lots of clever and sarcastic humour.

c) The effort the artist puts in for the comic (in terms of research, drawing etc)


If you have heard about Tin Tin but never read the comics, go read it. If you’ve heard about Tin Tin and read the comics, well, go read them again!





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