Second Class

I have to admit one thing though, I feel kinda culture shock and a little insecure when I’m at classes.

I feel like I’m an alien creature from a different planet because my mindset is a little different compared to the rest of my peers (I miss this word). I came from a working background and they’re still students who have not felt how working life is yet (some I suppose).

But it’s great because, onething when we’ve got nothing to talk about, I bore them about these stories.

But it’s awesome to meet new people and friends! And my second class today was Study Skills & Employability. Very interesting subject and one that definitly opens your mind to a new perspective.

I liked the way the lecturer conducted the class. She made us all sit in groups. I came in late so I sat at the back and joined Group 6 which consisted of (let me see if I can remember their names..) Carmen, Juan, Nega, Rachel (I think..) and I forgot the other person’s name (shit I’m so sorry!)

We discusses about …. okay well I’m kinda lost because I was sick and didn’t attend the first class so.. But yeah the topics were interesting and fun. Very general topics.

The students were really outspoken and I like that. Not a bunch of kids sitting and just listening to lectures for 2 hour straight.

Miss (fuck.. I forgot her name as well…. damn!) made the subject really fun. I was supposed to go up front on behalf of the group to present but I was lost and Rachel (I hope that’s her real name.. please..) was kind enough to do it on my behalf.

It also turns out Juan is a sister of my friend’s girlfriend. We ARE living in a frigging small world.

Small country to be specific.

I’m having fun. Seriously, it’s great to be a student again (I know you guys are sick of hearing me say this, but I’m just so excited!! I can’t wait for my first assigment after 3 years! And projects! And chics and babes and..)

Sukhu :o)


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