Sai Inspirations: Day 3


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Day 3 – 29th of November, 2009


Pranav ran out of batteries because he was sleeping like a log when I woke up. Thank God I woke up early, took my towel and toiletry bag and rushed to the bathroom to be the first to take my bath.


I removed my clothes, hung them at the hanger, opened the shower tap and was about to embrace the cold wet drops of water onto my body when the water stopped abruptly after a few gurgling sounds.


Great… No water.


I broke the bad news the boys and they all went downstairs for the Omkar without their baths. The girls on the other hand smelt of Palmolive, May and Lux soaps.


But yet, despite the circumstances, the Omkar was truly an inspiring one.


Right after that, it was the practice session as Jay had arrived. Akka was still not there yet. The kids practiced hard but you could see some of them were disappointed with the selections.


Halfway through the practice, Shamini Akka had arrived and she was not pleased with the training at all. She felt that the kids were not giving their best shot yet. So out of nowhere, she takes out the Yathra 06 performance CD and asked me to play it for all of them. She wanted them to see if they could emulate the spirit of the Yathra 06 participants.


I started shivering.


I placed the CD into the player and hit Play and there before me the ghost of 2006 played at the white screen before us. I trembled because it brought back memories.


It was the same goosebumps all over again.


I was fidgeting next to Vimal anney but I tried to control myself. While he sat next to me and tsked and said how he missed the times back in 2006, I sat and prayed that time flies so that by the time I close and open my eyes, the video’s over.


As soon as it was about to be the part where I come infront to sing, Akka quickly tells me to stop playing the CD. I thanked my lucky stars!




It was lunch time and the kids were still practicing. By then, my fever had worsen. Bro Sathya gave me some medicines and Akka told me to take some rest. I went upstairs to the boy’s room to take rest.


But at that time, the youths of SS3 were utilizing the room to prepare the Balvikas kids for Swami’s Birthday performance. That very night, the SS3 centre was staging a cultural show on the occasion of Swami’s birthday. So they utilized our room so that they could put the make up and the costume on for the children.


I sat at the kitchen and slept on the chair.


I was woken up by a kid later on. “We’re done” He said and he skipped away. So I woke up and slept in the room. It was 2pm.




I woke up to sounds of exciting chatter at 10pm. The kids were back from the cultural show.


I looked to my left and I saw a figure sleeping. It was Sankar. I guess he was not well too. The kids walked up to him and said, “Anney! Guess what?? Bro Sathya brought Swami’s robe and made us touch it. We’re blessed!”


Sankar who was sleepy that time, woke up, looked at them and said, “Do your Gayathri Manthra 3 times”


I felt like laughing because I know Sankar was still sleepy when he said that.


Bro Sathya came in to check on me. He put me on antibiotics and that was when I asked him about Swami’s robes.


“Anney, how did you get Swami’s robes?”


He looks at me for a second then takes a deep breath and begins his story.


“I was working as an intern for 3 months at Swami’s Super Speciality Hospital. And during that time, I stayed at this Brahmin’s family’s house. The wife was Swami’s student. On my last day, just before I was leaving, she said, “I have nothing great to give you as I come from a poor family. Please accept Swami’s robe as a token of our appreciation of you being a part of our family” And with that, she gave me the robe.”


“Anney! I will be the happiest person on earth if I received the robe! How can she say she has nothing better to give??” I asked.


“I know!” He laughs and then continues. “Owh yeah, I need to show you the robe as well later before I leave. You had your dinner?”




“Same here. Wanna have something to eat?”


“But Puvini has already packed all the food anney, there’s nothing to eat.”


“No there is” He smiles mischievously at me.




I had an awesome dinner with Bro Ganesan, Bro Sathya and Hari Anney at a nearby Mamak shop just behind the centre. My fever had come down as well. I felt good and my body aches were gone. I felt cleansed.


Bro Sathya forgets to show me the robe but I didn’t mind. With the freshness back into my body, it felt like Parthi all over again.


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