Rise and Shine


I realised cutting down on sticks really does make a person cranky. It’s a side effect thing. I’ve been on 2 sticks for 2 days now. Just had one today and probably I’ll have another one in the evening after dinner. Been sleeping early and waking up early as well. Rise and shine. My body’s getting used to it. I do feel fresh and less depressed. Probably a little bit of sun did help.


I also made sure that I did all the required stuff such as filling up my dad’s National Land Finance forms and PERKESO and also filling in the forms for mum because she wants to transfer the house ownership to her’s (dad and her shared for the house). Lots of paperwork and I hate the fact that to get something done, you have teeny weeny procedures to complete it. Such as in order to ensure Paperwork A is done, you got to ensure that Paperwork B is done and Paperwork C is done (and below Paperwork C you got to fill in Paperwork C1 and C2). Crazy mind boggling stuff.


But I guess it’s the only proper procedure despite it being crazily complicated.


I realised, despite the fact that you have to cope and overcome a death of loved one, you also got to cope with all these complicating paperwork as well.


Sorry for being cranky..


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