I would prefer if you don’t read this post because:

a) It’s disturbing

b) It’s a frustration venting thingy (sort of therapy for me)

c) You gain nothing from it.


Here goes:


My mum used to drive Dolly around picking up school children and making an earning back in `95. Good old Dolly used to be the mode of transport for almost all the children in the flat area back then.


She used to send them to school and also for co-curriculum classes on the weekends. Soon, she saved up enough money to buy an old rusted van. She got it in `96. The number of students grew and she was starting to get famous.


People used to famously refer to her as, “Aunty Bas”.


I used to remember, we had to tie our stomach whenever November and December approached as that was during the school holidays and that was the only time income was nil.


Then in 1999, after saving up enough money (and after slogging) she got herself a brand new van. It was new, had aircon and was smooth in terms of gear transitions and didn’t make much noise unlike the old van. She sold the old van off. 


Business was going smooth, the kids loved her and the van and everything was looking great.


Then in May, thieves drove off with the new van leaving my mum with nothing.


For three months we lived on nothing but our savings and then on the fourth month, she had no choice but to become a house maid.


Since then, she started working house to house cleaning toilets, washing dishes, sweeping floors and moping them. She continued doing this until today.


When I was a kid, I used to be shy telling people what she was. I remember lying to a teacher once telling the teacher that my mum was a nurse. The teacher found out about my mum and I got a shelling from her for lying.


That’s when I started developing the hatred for thieves.


I don’t care who they are, what their background is or was. A thief is a thief. No matter what the reasons are for stealing, when you steal someone else’s off their livelihood, you’re a shit head and a scumbag and you deserve to rot in hell.


Another blow came in 2008 when my ex told me her dad was a thief.


It was hard to swallow. It’s like eating bitter gourd with cheese. You want the cheese but at the same time you’re chewing on the bitter gourd as well.


I won’t tell you much about my ex’s dad as it’s something personal, but I rarely stereotype people. And when I do, it’s always for my own benefit. I stereotyped her and realised since her dad’s a thief, she’s full of shit herself too.


Which was proven true. 


The last straw came yesterday when I got mugged. It seems like I’m bound to meet thieves everywhere.


I’m pissed and I’m thinking of getting myself a pocket knife and keeping it with myself at all times for self defense purposes.


And I would not be afraid to use it just incase of emergency.


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