One thing that keeps my mind off things are music and writing.


I woke up today morning all groggy and with body aches. Couldn’t really sleep. The reality of loosing my phone and the money has set in. I guess I couldn’t feel it yesterday as I was sleepy.


But now that I’m fully alert, I realised I don’t have a phone with me, all my contact details gone, and the sales money (we’re looking at RM 1000 all gone..) Most probably they might deduct from my pay, which means, I won’t be getting my salary at all.


In a way, I’m still thankful that nothing bad came on to us.


I just feel like going somewhere quiet and screaming my head off. I kept asking myself why did I let them do such a thing to us. I should have rammed the car into their bikes or punched or just done something..


I feel so weak. I feel like a wuss.


First were the tyres, mum had to spent about RM 300 fixing them (apparently the radiator was leaking as well..). Next were the summons (that’s another RM 120) Now this.. What’s next? An accident maybe?


Sorry fellas, I just feel like ranting about my problems here. That’s the whole point of blogging. It’s all about ranting.


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