I parked the car after making a turn into a junction and parked it next to the neighbor’s house.


“You sure you can park here?” my mum asked.


“Yeah. They know me.”


The both of us stepped out from the car. My mum stood outside of the car for a while, taking in the magnificent structure of the new Seremban Sai Centre building.


I observed her. Her lips formed the words “Oooo” but she didn’t say anything. It was as though she was uttering “Woah” in silence (actually she was).


I looked at the building as well. “It’s huge isn’t it?”


“Very big!” she replied.


“Too big.”


“This is big enough” she said.


“And yet there were some who found it too small”


My mum snorted. “These people..” she replied.


The both of us walked past the entrance and into the compound. From inside, we could hear the echoed sounds of the devotees chanting the Gayathri Manthra.


I motioned my mum to walk in through the ladies side. I walked in through the men’s side.


I was very tired. All of us had sleepless nights to June 14th and occasion to be remembered. And what a day it was. So i just sat there on the rug, closed my eyes and took in the chants. I was too tired to chant along.


It was really peaceful.


After the chants were over, i took my mum to the top of the building, to the balcony to show her the beautiful view of Seremban from the centre.


“This will be the meditation spot for the youths. We will have our sessions here.” i smiled and said.


She was amazed. The wind was blowing slowly. And the sun was setting.


“See that hill over there with the blinking lights?” i pointed to a far away hill.


“Yes i can see it”


“That’s Kanni Kuil”


“You mean the Temple of the Seven Sisters?”


“Yepp” i smiled. I couldn’t help but smile to see my  mum’s reaction.


“What about this spacious hall?” she asked me as she went back inside the building.


“This is where the kids will learn and play”




“I have one more thing to show you.” I then proceeded to take my mum around to the toilets, to the kitchen and back to the entrance.


“Notice one thing?” I asked my mum.


“What is it?” she asked.


“Notice that almost every portion of the building has ramps. Right from the entrance, to the toilets, to the kitchen. Ramps.”


She was silent.


“We can bring Upi now on his wheelchair and he will be able to attend bhajans easily. Disabled people on wheelchairs have the chance to attend bhajans now” I smiled.


She smiled.


I have so much to write about yesterday’s event. So much. But i just don’t know where to begin. It was an amazing day for everyone of us. An amazing day for the youths in Negeri.


Yesterday, was a day when nobody associated themselves as “Seremban Sai Devotee” or “Seremban Selatan” or “KL” or what not. Yesterday, everyone was a devotee.


Now to train my brother to sit on the wheelchair :) 


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