Ramesh, Rihanna & the 12 Year Cap on Old Cars

Picture this, Ramesh drives a 2001 model Perodua Kelisa, which technically makes it exactly 12 years old next year.

He is married to Shalini and the both of them earn RM 3,200 each, which makes their total monthly income, RM 6,400. With him having paid his car payment three years ago, he has an extra of RM 400 to spare.

Now Ramesh has sentimental values for the Kelisa, and who wouldn’t? This was his first car. He kissed Shalini for the first time in it, brought her for dates and all. The car, was also used as his wedding car and Shalini even gave birth to his first born in it while he drove like a maniac to the hospital.

The car holds so much memories.

Service is pretty cheap. He only services it for RM200 a year and maintains it. Not to mention the oil consumption which is good. And hey, despite the increase of oil price, Ramesh only uses RM 300 for oil per month. That would make RM 500 for the car alone, which is manageable.

However, according to the government, by introducing a policy of banning cars older than 12 years off the roads, Ramesh has no choice but to purchase a brand new Myvi, leading him to fork out RM 500 per month along with RM 500 for oil (new car, better engine, more oil consumption). RM 1,000 goes to the car alone.

Ofcourse Perodua has free servicing for its cars to up to three years. But by the fourth year, a full service would cost Ramesh RM300.

But wait! With Ramesh driving the Myvi, suddenly, Shalini decides to drive the Kelisa. Despite not being able to drive long distance and avoiding police roadblocks, she feels that she needs a car to send their two children to the tuition centre 5km away instead of leaving the poor Kelisa parked sadly at their house porch. Might as well put the car to good use but “curi-curi lah” ofcourse.

That makes an added cost of RM 500, which makes Ramesh fork out RM 1,500 from his salary for both his cars.


Can someone explain to me how would this lessen the cost of living and burden of the people?

You know what the real problem is? Our country’s economy.

Now, I’m just speculating, but something is terribly not right when sugar and oil subsidies are cut and now there is talk of banning the use of cars older than 12 years. Why?

Go Google Jesse Colombo, along with the words, “Malaysian Bubble Economy”. Read it.

These are signs that there is something terribly wrong with the country’s state of economy (I’m merely speculating by the way. I could be wrong, and I pray I am). It is no wonder such policies are being implemented and proposed.

You know what the problem is? The fact that Malaysia being a multi racial, multi cultural, multi diversified country, rich with historical and mythical elements, is not able to use this as an advantage to generate economy.

It is so simple. In order to bring revenue, you need to promote the country. That way, there wouldn’t be a need to cut subsidies and what nots.

Now hear me out. Instead of banning musicians like Kesha, Lamb of God, Mayhem and the rest performing here, we should welcome them with opens arms and infact give them a free two day or a week FREE tour to any place in Malaysia.

Kesha wants to go Langkawi? On!

Lady Gaga wishes to go Pulau Pangkor? Right on!

The trip is free and paid for. The rest, leave it to these attention seeking celebrities to do the job.

Kesha has a whopping 3,477,682 Twitter followers and still counting. And that is just Twitter. What about Facebook and Instagram? I don’t need to elaborate for the rest of them as we Malaysians should be capable enough to do our math.

With Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can easily be integrated, many of their fans are able to see what their beloved celebrity is up to.

A simple photo of Rihanna in a bikini, sipping on some “sirap bandung” while sunbathing in Langkawi is bound to get thousands of likes and share on Facebook. And get people talking about Langkawi.

“Damn she looks amazing. But wait! Where is she? Where is this beautiful beach located?”

Ofcourse Rihanna, being Rihanna, would describe in her photos the following; “Hey ya’ll! Just me chilling in Langkawi! #lifeisgood#imawesome#langkawibabeyh!”

Or get Lady Gag to munch on some Keropok Leko at a home stay in Terengganu.

Or allow Kesha to take a selfie at the stairs of Batu Caves.

This would make their fans interested in visiting these places which their beloved and adorable celebrities visited. A simple, ingenious and cost saving method to promote the country. No need to spend so much on buntings and ads and what nots. Use the celebs.

Think about it. Out of 3 million of Twitter followers, the post is bound to attract atleast half of them. And with the other half actually visiting Langkawi.

And that is just Langkawi and Rihanna. It sounds farfetched, but give it a thought.

Ramesh can drive whatever he wants, however long he wants, able to eat sugar, suffer and die with Diabetes like a happy man and the extra cash goes to his children’s education. No burden. No money trouble.

But no. We Malaysians will never learn.

Imma eat all da suga me wants, bath in oil and drive me old Datsun like a gangsta in da hood, yaw!


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  1. Things are getting a little too crazy for us Malaysians no? Reading your take on things just helps put a smile back on our faces. So thank you and keep at it Sukhbir. Please!?

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