Railtrack Revisited


Come this August, it will be nearly 4 years since Railtrack was produced. I was 19 back then, still young, and filmed it using a Beta camera courtesy of my old college.


The film was made for the final project for my final semester and it won the best short film of the year overall in the college for the year 2006.


But I was not too happy with it as the audio was bad (it was filmed in a train station with limited resources and time).


Come August, the gang and I will film Railtrack once again but this time using the Canon DSLR. The audio will be recorded using a special boom mike and the audio will then be combined with the visuals recorded during Post Production.


A little about Railtrack:


It’s a story about the purpose of life and is narrated by the main Protagonist, Paul who just lost his job. He meets a beggar and their life changes forever.


Railtrack is a short film about life and how one strives hard to achieve what one wants without giving up. Grabbing life by the neck and not letting any hurdles let you down.


Railtrack, is a story about all of us.


I’m working on the script now. It should be out soon (hopefully next week). We’re looking to shoot the short film in August next month. Wish us all luck 🙂


Love & Warmth,



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