Railtrack (a short film)


In 2006, I filmed a short movie entitled “RAILTRACK” for my final year project for my Diploma in Broadcasting. It was awarded the Best Short Film and Best Script overall in the college despite the bad sound and video quality of the movie. I was only 19 back then.


Now, after searching high and low for the misplaced CD, I’ve finally found it and here it is, uploaded for your viewing pleasure.


I thank my father and my crew members (mostly my father) for making this film a huge success.


If you enjoyed watching this movie, please click on “SHARE” (located at the top right corner of the movie’s screen) and share this movie with anyone whom you think who would enjoy watching it.


By the way, the movie stars my Dad and Ashveen Chakravarthy Sekaran as the lead roles.


I couldn’t post the whole video into the blog post as Windows Live Writer does not support Vimeo. I was planning on uploading it on Youtube, but I didn’t want to break the movie into two parts (it’s a 21 minute movie and Youtube only allows movies up to 15 minutes to be up).


So to watch the movie, click here. So sorry fellas, but I do hope you guys enjoy the movie 🙂


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