Everything was in silence. Time and space made no sense as I slowly made my way on the pathway that lay ahead. The pathway was made out of bricks, and on each sides there were torches to light my way.


I walked as long as I can remember. I knew no fatigue. There was no such thing as the feeling of being tired.


And as I approach the end of the pathway, I see, beyond me, two gigantic red doors made out of steel. The doors stretched all the way to the dark cloudy skies as far as the eyes can see. They were so magnificent and yet extremely fearsome looking. The doors brought awe to my eyes.


And as I observed these two doors which were infront of me, my eyes slowly focused on the two figures standing alert on each door.


Each one was in an armour of some sort and I could not make out their faces in the dimly lit environment. However, as I came closer to them, they spoke words of wisdom, true and with conviction.


They said in unison;


“We are the Guardians of the Gates of Heaven & Hell. One of this door leads you to Heaven, the other leads you to Hell. One of us speaks the Truth and the other the Untruth. You cannot peep, you cannot pry open the doors and you cannot turn back. You have to make a choice between these two doors. You may choose at your risk to enter whichever door which suits you. But bear in mind, once the choice is taken, there is no turning back. However, to ease your journey, we are obliged to answer to only one question posed by you, and only one. And that too, you have a choice of asking or not. But this question, if you choose to ask, will determine the right door for you. Think carefully O’ Wanderer. Now go, ponder on what question you should ask us or if you’re a courageous risk taker, choose whichever one of the door to enter and who knows, luck might just be on your side.”


I thought for a while. I observed the two doors, they both had no signs on them to indicate Heaven or Hell. As I pondered upon the words said by the Guardians, I realised, if I pose a question to both of them, no matter what the question would be, they both would point me to two different doors.


If I chose to pose, “Which is the door to Heaven?” The Guardian of Truth might point to the correct door. The Guardian of Untruth would point to the wrong door. Which is which?


“Fine. I’ll pose a question.”


“Very well.” They said in unison.


“But please give me time to think of a question.”


“Fair enough.” And they stood alert, ever watchful, ever mindful of my every action.


My mind raced for a solution. I stood there for as long as I can, pondering, thinking of a question which would be the key for me to unlock the door to the Heavens.


I have many questions in my head. But which is the right question? Each question, as I asked myself, would bring me to the same outcome. How am I to know which of the Guardian is telling the truth? How am I to know which one is telling a lie? Which is the correct door Heaven? And which Guardian is guarding which door?


I stood pondering and I’m still there pondering till now.


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