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Today’s blogpost is taken from the status of a very good friend of mine, Sherwin Ng (with his permission ofcourse). He does healing at the House of Kites. What he writes makes perfect sense and I just thought of sharing it with you all Smile



Funny thing happened recently.

My friend Mr. X wants to tackle this girl, and he asks me what are the odds. I shake my head, and all I ask in return is, "Take an honest look at yourself."


No financial stability, looks like he just woke-up from bed every single day, and don’t know much about himself – no clear life goals, no self-awareness.


Dude, would you date yourself if you were some hot intelligent chick?


Tonight another friend Mr. Z asks me, "Hey I’m going for a movie with this girl, but I just see her as a friend – think I should clarify with her?"


Yes. More so because Mr. Z is good-looking, well-groomed, financially stable, aggressive career, and healthy. So if you don’t plan to take this relationship deeper, say so. Saves a lot of heartache later. She will appreciate it.


He did. And I was right. But anyway, my point is…


Many people complain about not being able to meet anyone or ‘the right one’. Opportunity is one thing.


Say you meet the right one, but what happens if YOU appear like the WRONG one to the other person? Ever thought of that?


Go fix yourself. Become the ultimate version of yourself. Don’t give me that ‘I’m born perfectly fine sh*t’ – everyone and everything in life can be improved, maximized, upgraded, power-uped. And don’t give me that ‘outer beauty is shallow sh*t’. If you look like a clown, you can only attract clowns. Like attracts like. Clowns attract clowns.

The need to be ‘beautiful’ – internal AND external – is not to impress another person out there.

I just call it SELF-RESPECT. Tomorrow when you wake-up – POWER-UP.




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