Oh Ye Ye


Today was a beautiful day. I still could feel the positive vibes in me after yesterday’s healing session and I was looking forward to attending the 24 hours of World Peace Bhajans at Nilai.  I just wanted to accumulate more of this blissful energy inside me.


But before that, something totally unexpected and awesome happened!


I told  my mum about what happened yesterday, about how Sherwin stumped me with his answers and his clairvoyance. My mum was shocked too (in a good way).


And that’s when I popped in the question, “Can I go India? It’ll do me good. I’ll get an Aunty to check on you from time to time. It’s just 11 days.”


She looks at me. Lost for words.


“Plus I have already paid for the plane tickets and they don’t allow refunds.” I added.


She sighs and then says, “Well, since you need to work on yourself, and since you’ve already paid for the plane tickets, I guess you have to go.”


I was overjoyed!


Mum of course being mum was still a little adamant, and she was still trying to brainwash me a little to not go for the trip, but I can safely say she has allowed me to go for the India trip. Smile




You know, fear’s such a funny thing. When you fear something or someone, it actually becomes true.


Back in 2006, I was afraid of forgetting my lines infront of Swami. And I did forget my lines in the end. Fear, if you keep entertaining it, it comes true.


Fear, is when you’re afraid of becoming someone you don’t want to be, as you entertain that thought, you in the end become that person who you don’t want to be.


What’s there to fear? Life’s beautiful.


I can feel the same enthusiasm and inspiration within me, the exact same feeling I had back in 2006. I just got to keep working on it, do more Sadhanas (spiritual practices) as I did back in 2006 and I will be fine.


Just got back from an extremely highly energized bhajans.


I even took some time to sit at the back to meditate. Although this time I didn’t meditate as indepth as yesterday, I just closed my eyes and listened to the bhajans for an hour and I felt great.


I imagined myself as a dirty cup, filled with muck and the bhajans slowly washing me clean, thoroughly until I became a sparkly clean cup again.


Anyways, the short movie would be released next week Wednesday 16th of November 2011 on Facebook (but it’ll be uploaded to Youtube as HD first and then shared). Looking forward to everyone’s feedback and reaction.


Jah Bless!



Sukhu Smile


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