Of Dolly and Working

Okay I’ll make this post extremely quick. I’m actually typing this out extremely fast at an F1 booth at KLIA. The PC monitor that I’m using is a dual based one, which means whatever that I see on my monitor, the dude who’s opposite me would be able to see it as well at the monitor on the other side.

They say it’s the best way to sell tickets. I think so too. But apparently not the best way to browse Facebook, Twitter and Blogger.

So yeah.. typing this real quick.

Okay I’m gonna ask the questions that people have been posting me:

What have I been doing lately?

I’m working! Yes W-O-R-K-I-N-G. At the F1 Sepang Circuit. No, not as a F1 test driver. I sell tickets for the Malaysian f1 Grand Prix 2010. Sorry no discounts for friends. Price are standard so stop asking for discounts. Blackdeath @ Navin is also there but he’s been posted to the LCC branch while I’m with Abi (Bala’s lil sister) at the KLIA booth.

How’s work?

Work is good, so far. I hate telling people work is good until 3 months down the road it kinda suck. But this work is only for a month and a half. I’m working under Mr Raman (he’s the Marketing dude I think). Nice guy and extremely helpful. He prefers us calling him by his name than “Sir” or “Mr Raman”

How’s KLIA?

KLIA is beautiful! Very grand and I find it interesting. You get to meet people from all walks of life from different nations. People with different motives in coming to the country. People who are on the verge of embarking on a journey or new phase in life. I also meet people who disembarked from their journey as well. KLIA is a unique place. Here, people come and go. Some come with friends. Some come alone. Life goes on as usual regardless of what is happening to each individual. It’s frightening and exciting at the same time. And the babes… One blog post is not enough to describe how I feel.

How much you earn?

Why? You wanna help me pay my house rent?

How do you travel?

Dolly drives me. Or to be more specific, I drive Dolly 😉 Dolly’s my mum’s Datsun by the way. She’s extremely luscious and vicious and she’s a whore on the road. Ask Blackdeath, he’ll tell you.

Who/What do you miss most?

I miss my dog.

What time do you get up?

I get up at 6 am. Unthinkable right? I know… I can’t believe myself too.

Anyways, how’s work? Really.

Okay I’ll be honest. It’s boring. But fun. I dunno how to explain it. You’re excited when you’re bored. Is there such a thing? Excited when bored. Anyways, I made friends with quite a few people from the neighboring outlets. The F1 booth is located at the Departure Hall (Level 5). To my left is the chocolate shop. Chocolate Collection… Connection.. Nation or something. Intan and her babes are manning the stall. They take turns. She was sweet enough to get me coffee today. A Sony booth with a cute Malay chic is at the front. Made friends with Draupadi, NG, and Lan. A perfume shop at my back with lots and lots of hot MILFs. Seriously, they give my boner a boner.

I found a bookshop and I’ve finished reading Tony Parson’s Man & Boy. Can’t wait to read the sequel, Man & Wife. Abi is getting me Sophie Kinsella’s Remember Me (I’m not to sure about the title).

What do you do besides standing/sitting and doing nothing?

I think. And breath. And think again. And Abi talks non stop. She gnaws my brain cells out. But she’s a good sidekick. Really helpful.

The sucky part is the driving. I gotta send Black and Uncle Guna to LCC and then make a trip back to KLIA and once work ends, pick up Uncle & Black and use the old Sepang road. Geographically I’m terrible. In terms of driving, I think I’ve improved. Dolly’s good. That silly bitch.


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