Of Barley Mints & Nandeska

I met Bala when i was just a wee 16 year old lad. He was 22 at that time, going to college, and to me he seemed very matured for his age. He was hilarious and i met him in the Seremban Centre.

It was a Sunday, and i was in a rush to get for the Teen Youth classes that Aunty Indra conducted. I used to cycle to the centre (loved cycling that time). I cycled into the centre porch dropped my bike and saw Aunty Indra with the rest of the teen youths. The classes had begun and i was late.

She turned and saw me coming, smiled. I smiled back. But then, suddenly, she stopped smiling and her face turned to horror.

I, in my fit of rush, was so focused on her horror struck face, did not realise that there was a window pane infront of me.


I walked straight into it. A small voice in my head said, “Ahh so that was why she stopped smiling”

If you asked Bala how we met, he will tell you this incident. It was very err… memorable. But we weren’t that close that time. I was of different age, going through puberty, going through my rebellious age, having crushes on 14 year olds and playing my GameBoy. He on the other hand was far more matured compared to me.

So probably that was why we weren’t that close. And that was why we couldn’t really relate to each other.

But we did become close in early 2007. I came back from Parthi and got involved in the Sai movement even more. He became active as well. Soon the both of us roped in Anushka as well.

Sister Sushinta joined in too, Subashini and Sangkaran. *sigh* Those were good times. I really miss Anushka alot. I really regret being a jerk to her and i guess, even now, she’s still pissed with me.

But all of them are great friends. I miss Divan too. And Prashant..

Sangkaran, i knew him since i was in Balvikas. But we grew very close in 2006. The both of us were preparing to go to Puttaparthi for the yatra in 2006. Now Sangkaran is a different person altogether. He says bad words in Korean and Japanese. His favorite word is “Nandeska” which means, “You got a problem with me?” in Japanese.

He’s still the same nice guy i met in 2006 and i really enjoy his company alot. He has matured alot for his age!

And no, Moshi Moshi is not a bad word. But Take Kama Kupta is. He loves saying it. He loves Chinese chics and he has a fetish for girl’s hairs and legs. That’s the first thing he sees in a girl, the hair and the legs, then the rest of the compartments. My boy, he makes me proud. But i still don’t understand why he doesn’t have a fetish for girl’s asses.

Sometimes, i feel he desperately needs to get laid. Bala agrees on this.

Bala on the other hand finds a lady’s hip beautiful. He loves the navel and tummy. Cheeky fella.

What i look at in a girl when i see her for the first time? The whole package ofcourse! But i do have a thing for girl’s with a tan. They drive me nuts. Seeing tan and those curves on their hips, oh Lord, the Jesus in me awakens. But recently, ever since working in The Gardens and seeing countless Chinese chics going in and out (don’t get any ideas) of the shop, i’m starting to like legs too. The thighs especially. Observing chics with fair complexion and with great legs and thighs is like drinking Kickapoo after a great Futsal game. It’s so refreshing!

From their heels and those black (or occasional red) finger polish, glistening under the lights, and how their ankles make way to their legs, joined by the knee and the knee then joins their thighs and u can see their slightly transparent blue colored blood veins. Owh Lord, thank you for creating Eve.

*cough* Sorry about that. We’re going a little off topic. Okay back to my friends!

Shamini (Prashant’s sister) has a little baby girl, and i’m an uncle to little baby Harinya! (no i’m not related to Shamini but we’re still a family) 🙂 She’s so small and so tiny and so beautiful. She has Manu’s features (Manu is Shamini’s hubby).

Aside from my Sai friends, i’ve got non Sai friends whom i’m very closed to aswell. The first is ofcourse, and always, Vashina Patel.

What started off as a flirty acquaintance, soon blossomed into a really beautiful friendship. She, i believe and i know, is the most beautiful Gujerati girl i’ve ever met and ever will be. She drives the same car as I drive, a Datsun 120Y and she looks really sexy and cool when she drives with her black spectacles on.

She reminds me of those retro Mumbai chics you see sometimes in the old Hindi movies driving around in their old retro cars with Rajesh Kanna and Amitabh Bachan.

I still do meet a lot of new friends and that’s one of the best ways to keep my mind off things. Meeting new friends.

Tomorrow, i shall write about my colleagues whom i work with everyday (if i can find the time that is).

Okay, i’m off to bed. Thanks for reading, i’m so sleepy and need to prepare myself for tomorrow’s meeting at the Tan Electronics Headquarters. Tomorrow is the day i’ll be officially promoted as the Assistant Branch Manager of The Gardens Sony Centre.

Good Nite!


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