Not Much of a Role Model


Okay I know this is gonna hurt a lot of people. Friends, family members, relatives but I need to come clean and there’s no point in hiding.


I’ve started smoking again.


No I’m not smoking because I’m addicted to it but I smoke because I feel like it. It’s like a stress reliever. Yeah I know exercise is a good stress reliever and so is jogging but how am I to jog in my office? Are you freaking out of your mind??


I had my first puff after 2 years with Fila and I still do when others pass me a ciggi. I know this might disgust some of you and I’m pretty sure alot of you are disappointed with me right now but I realised it’s no point living up to people’s expectations when I can’t even live up to mine.


It’s pointless to put a mask and show the world what a wonderful person I am when I’m not really am. I’m not a role model. Heck! I’m not even a model lol


Smoking is bad, I know that. But that doesn’t mean we can’t become friends. If you hate smokers, well fine, get someone else who doesn’t smoke.


Hitler didn’t smoke and he fucked up the whole of Europe (God Bless his soul). Maybe he should have smoked a cigar like Winston Churchill. That would have helped his stint as a Fuhrer even longer.


P/S: Tomorrow’s my last day at  work. Finally!


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