New Tidings (I Guess)


Sometimes, there’s a point in life where new things (changes) come in abundance. Just like shit that happens in life, good things also come in a “group” or large scale.


I finally withdrew my pay and got myself a spanky new wallet (was using my mum’s…………), it’s a Levis babey! Got myself a lighter (need that) It’s made out of metallic casing and uses gas. Which means you can light your ciggi even during windy days and I’ve always wanted to feel how it feels like to smoke at the beach!


Bought myself three magazines (craved for them while at KLIA and missed a few issues) FHM, Discovery Channel and Four Four Two.


Another good news, I might get myself a new phone soon. Coming May and hopefully, hopefully (keeping my fingers crossed) it’s an iPhone 3Gs. I’ve always wanted it.


I guess shitty times are just laying low for a while so that the angels can shower their blessings on me (but it’s temporary I know).


As for my Uni, I have sent in my academic transcript (they got to do this exemption thing) and apparently they’re requesting for my Course Syllabus transcript err.. thingy.


And I can’t reach my old college.


My knee’s been giving me problem. The cartilage is a little loose (when you walk, sometimes you can feel the snap and your knee starts to wobble) and sitting down is a real pain the rear end.


So there, that’s what’s been happening lately. End of broadcast for today.





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