New Beginnings


It’s 10.08 am as i’m typing my blog out using Windows Live Writer (it’s an awesome program that was introduced to me by Kugan at the office yesterday). The beauty in Windows Live Writer is that you don’t need to go directly to to update your blog.


One can update it automatically straightaway from Windows Live Writer. If you don’t have an Internet connection, all you got to do is save it like how you save your Windows Words files and when there’s Internet connection, just hit the “Publish” button and Voila! You’re post will be posted!


I also got introduced to Twitter. Kugan configured Twitter for me in such a way where I can actually update everything about myself just by an sms. It’s so frigging cool!!


It’s a quiet place to work at. Yesterday i really had nothing much to do aside then chit chat and get introduced to the staffs here in Dibta Group of Companies.


Amy’s a really sweet soul. She was supposed to conduct the induction thingy with me yesterday but she was busy with things. Mundane morning she claims lol


I’m still a little lost.. but i’m liking this place alot. The good thing about being in this company is that, i know i will have someone to talk to if i need to talk about SwamI 🙂


Bala and me had a chat with Abi (Bala’s younger sister) yesterday during dinner. Gave her a few advice on things and told her it’s time that she learns to discriminate from the good and the bad. Not to trust anyone and to be selfish.


Told her to always put her family first then herself then the world.


I guess a new beginning it is for all of us 🙂


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