My Readings Part Two

(Continued from My Readings Part One)

Ok part 2 :

Based on your known names and your Given name, here are further readind that can, or might shed a little bit more on your personality and character…

1) the power of consonants and vowels.

the vowels and consonants, both in our full name and known names have specific meaning that rules certain aspects of our lives. for example, the first vowel in your full name can tell you what motivates you, and the first vowel in your known name can tell you what you’re hiding in your relationship. based on this:

Full name : Sukhbir Singh
Known name : Sukhbir, Sukhu, Sonu, Zouk

first vowel in full name : U – Motivating factor is ENERGY and TALENT

first vowel in :

Sonu – O – Motivating factor is TRUST and DETERMINATION
Sukhu – Same as above (Sukhbir)
Sukhbir – Same as same as above (lol)
Zouk – Same as Sonu (lol)

The vowels, when added up, can shed a light on your innate long term goals. When added up all your vowels in your full name SUKHBIR SINGH = 3.

long terms goals can be loosely related to career goals, or the type of career that can suit your character and talents. As for number 3:

Careers : Entrepeneurship, law, business, sales, communication
key attributes: energetic, succesful, talented, punctual (hmmm, no wonder its long term, lol)
negative aspects : proud, controlling, interfering
social aspects: outgoing, talkative,gregarious

consonants, they too play a powerful role for you. they are the open side of your character, and, as such, are much easier to interpret than vowels. by adding together the total of the consonants in the known name, you can see the expectations you have in your relationships. by adding together the total consonants in your full name, you can see your career expectations as well.

Relationships – What you expect:

-Sukhu = 2
you look for these qualities:diplomatic, creativity, creative, intuition, emotional
you dislike these qualities :passive, deceitful, depressive

-Sukhbir = 4
you look for :dependable, trustworthy, endurance, stamina
you dislike: unemotional, impatient, reckless

-Sonu = 6
You like: romantic,idealistic,sensual
you dislike: passive,deceitful,depressive

-Zouk = 1
you like:active, resolute,tenacious,confident
you dislike: intolerant, critical, arrogant

Career expectations : SUKHBIR SINGH – 7

7 – Careers – Healing, counselling, therapy, clairvoiyance, astrology, music

You might be someone people come for advice/help.

Okay, here something interesting. Based on the details given in Part 1, here’s an insight your unique 3 digit character and personality assesment.

Based on yours, a summary of your numbers… 916 (hey, spells GOLD lol)
Birth number: [9] Full name number: [1] Known name number (Sonu) [6]

here’s a reading for you:

Birth number 9 suggests a very expressive person. This can take in many forms, painting, writing, composing music – all of these makes you one happy bumble bee. Some eople finds you intimidating and exhaustive, according to your full name number of 1. but you’re really more complex than this.

your inner personality number : 6 – The key word for you is communication, and this is where you will find your best job for yourself. you may not be the einstein of the group, but you can certainly convey your ideas to other people, even if the idea is not your own.

Compatible love partner : 349 (Birth number 3, Full name number 4, Known name number 9)
Compatible Business partner : 562

Bro, the reading above are based on scientific study, and only YOU will know if they speak the truth. SOme things here might not reflect on you directly, but can be seen in the eyes of others. I’m not predicting the future, the future is yours to be made. But this guide can be used to, shed a light on which path you can take, and the choices you might need to consider before you take that path.

All the best bro… 🙂

Best regards,


ps – If you’re happy with this, spread the word, but only to people you think will appreciate it. as you can see, it takes alot of time for me to compose it lolz…..

i’m doing mine now…i’ll share with you soon.


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