My Readings Part One

Last night i had this very interesting conversation with Bala. I don’t believe in Astrology and all these hocus pocus but Bala said he wanted to see what my name and timing of my birth tells about me.

I have no idea for today’s post so i will share what he found out about me. This is the exact copy of his email. Have fun reading!

Hi bro,

I’ve made you readings based on a few things.

1) Birthdate, as given by you, was 19 – 11 – 1986
2) Full name : Sukhbir Singh
3) Known Name : Sukhu, Zouk, Sukhbir, Sonu

Now, the results:

1) Birth number : 19-11-1986 –> 36 –> 9

9 – numerology name – Nones
represented day:monday
colours:white, pink
careers:music, hypnotism,exploration,travel,clairvoyance,healing,writing
key attributes:quirky,active,courageous,emotional
negative aspects:dreamy,unrealistic,clinging,addictive
social aspects:companionable,intense,wacky

number 9 represents the planet mars. it is a number of expression, both in the arts and in speech. number 9 people have a great need to explore the depths of the human soul, and express the universal poetry found there. they are creative, imaginative, sensitive, and intuitive people. they are also fighters, and champions of the underdog they like to take on causes, some of which, can be unrealistic, and to aim for the goals that others think might be unobtainable. people with this number have a great love for the exotic, strange, and freakish and they may be attracted to people with the odd quirks of personality and character. they can be very intense, and like to pick quarrels at times. these ppl are also active, and enjoy the thrills of danger and excitement. number 9 ppl also have problems with relationships at times, and tends to have trouble finding partners who will understand their need to express virtually everything they feel, see and do.

2) Full name number: SUKHBIR SINGH = total – 64 – 1

1 – Numeroloy name : Monad
represented day: Sunday
Colour – Red
Careers – Design, inventing, teaching, writing
Key attributes – active, resolute,tenacious, confident
negative aspects – intolerant, critical, arrogant
social aspects – quiet, independant

number 1 represents the sun. it is the number of strength, individuality and creativity. people with this number will never lack confidence or need reassuring. they are straightforward, bright and honest people who love being out there in the world and enjoy moving forward in life. they are natural leaders and innovators, seek challenges and have a great need to be in the limelight. in the positive aspect, number 1 is honest and upright, and in its negative aspect, number 1 is domineering and bossy. it is the sign of a saint and a tyrant, the saviour and the dictator. number 1 people have endless energy and enthusiasm, and others who are less outgoing may find them intimidating and exhausting. number 1 people can often, however, feel isolated and lonely. they strive to please others, but frequently fail owing to their belief that they are always right. thus, their life lesson is to learn diplomacy and how to get along with others.

3) known name number :

– sukhu = 8
– sonu = 6
– sukhbir = 7
– zouk = 1

sukhu – 8 – sucessful, obstinate,individualistic,intense,difficult,rebelious
key attributes : original, intense, imaginative, decisive
negative attributes – domineering, blunt, tactless
social aspects – leading, organizing, socialble

sonu – 6 – reliable, trustworthy,loving,caring,resolute, communicative
key attributes – romantic,idelaistic,sensual
negative attributes – passive,deceitful,depressive
social aspects – friendly,outgoing,socialble

sukhbir – 7 – spiritual, introverted, psychic, lucky, restless, intuitive
key attributes – intuitive, intellectual,psychic,unique
negative attributes – introverted,insensitive,unsettled
social aspects – aloof, reserved

zouk – 1 – strong, ambitious, innovative, active, creative
Key attributes – active, resolute,tenacious, confident
negative aspects – intolerant, critical, arrogant
social aspects – quiet, independant

okay, here goes the explanations…..

a) birth number
this tells you what you have been brought into this world to explore and to find out -your life path revelaed. this is where your soul resides, and this is what that motivates you. this is the underlying force in everything that you do, even if you’re not concious abt it. your birth number also tells you what your innate skills and talents are, thereby illuminating those aspects of youself that you can depend on to find sucess along the way.

b) Full name number
this reveals your outer personality – how you represent yourself to the outside world. it tellsyou how most ppl see you, and their likely impressions of you. this is especially relevant to your career, it does not, however tell theintimates to your life. your inner personality, the REAL you, is revealed next…

c) Known name number
this is essentially your inner personality, the real you. you may show different sides of it to different people at different times, but your core personality is who you really are. chances are, only those who REALLY know you, family, close friends, lover, will knwo you this way. this, as it is, is particularly relevant to relationships.

thats all for now. this is part 1. i’ll email you part 2 tomorrow, if you’re still interested 🙂

cheers bro

sai ram,

Balamurugan Ramakrishnan

FeatherLite Productions™

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