There’s this small pathway that we frequently use to send Navin back home each time after work. It’s dark and narrow but the old Datsun is able to go through it.


Today, as usual, after sending Uncle Guna back home, Navin and me were in the car (I was driving Dolly) chatting and cracking jokes on the way when we turned into the usual pathway.


A motorcyclist (with a passenger at the back) rode the small hill infront of us (there’s a hill at the narrow pathway).


“Dude, that guy must have done the chic”


I squinted and realised Navin was referring to the passenger at the back of the motorcyclist. I realised it was not a girl and was about to tell Navin when the motorcyclist stopped at the hill and blocked our pathway.


I stopped my car at the hill and was thinking to myself, “Maybe they’re lost and they’re trying to reverse so that they can go back” The passenger from the motor got off and walked to our car, removed the visor of his helmet, and said, “Mana kunci?” He spotted the keys and with a quick succession removed the car keys from the car (my windshield was down as my car doesn’t have the aircon installed…).


My mind was going fuzzy. I knew this was happening. And I could hear Navin groaning to himself and swearing.


Another motorcyclist stopped at the back of the car.


This was it. Soon, our car was surrounded by three young Indian guys.


Dolly, being an old car, she can’t withstand being on a hill too long (her hand breaks are bad, so no matter how hard u put the hand brakes on, you would still need to place a huge rock at the back of each tyres in order to prevent it from moving back). A second guy emerges and tells me to put on my handbreaks. I pulled the handbreaks as hard as I can but Dolly still kept moving back.


He punched me on the lips and then said in Tamil, “Put the handbreaks!”


I pulled as hard as I can, and again it failed. I placed my legs on the break pedal. I apologised and told him it’s an old car.


A third guy comes and holds Navin’s hair and rummages his pockets. I couldn’t see what was going on Navin’s side but I was praying that nothing happened to him. I could then hear him saying to his comrades, “Where’s the knife? Where’s the knife??” The first guy (the one with the helmet) emerges with a knife and places it on my chest. He had bloodshot eyes and was dark. Sharp nose. A little bit of stubble on his face but had a moustache, then asked me in Malay, “Rantai ada? Hanphone, wallet semua kasi”


I removed my wallet and my handphone and gave it to him. “Ini saja saya ada.”

The third guy took Navin’s wallet and then he asked, “Bag ada? Kasi bag.”


Now this is where the shitty part comes in. Had they took off with the wallets, they wouldn’t have benefitted with anything except for my Nokia 6300 phone.


But they took our bags. And in those bags were all the sale money that we had for the past few days (I don’t know the exact amount but we’re looking at Rm 600 to Rm 1000)


We can’t bank in those money as KLIA and LCCT didn’t have any Maybank Deposit ATM machines. So usually, we keep the money in our bags and deposit it on our off days.


It’s my stupid mistake to actually put all the money in the bag but I had no choice because I was supposed to count the amount as Abi only took the RM 50 with her to bank in leaving us with only the RM 10 and RM 5 notes.


I honestly don’t know how much we lost but I can confidently say we lost today’s sales money (RM 320) and yesterday’s (Rm 190).


I swore that this was the end. Because after he took everything from us, he still had the knife on my chest. Again I told him, “Leave us alone. That’s all we have”.


They took off on their bikes in split second leaving us dumbfounded. Navin was pissed but I was surprised with myself. I held my calm and all i was worried most about was how to drive the car back.


I took Navin’s phone (thank God they didn’t manage to get away with his phone) and the first person that came into my mind was Uncle Gary.


In 10 minutes time Uncle was already with us and so was Navin’s dad.


Uncle drove me back home to take the spare key from mum (she was shaken when I told her the story). I managed to drive back home after having dinner with Uncle.


I’m just tired right now. But honestly, when it all ended, I was thankful to God for keeping us safe. Nevermind the handphone and the money, I was just glad we were safe.


I honestly thought this was it. This was the end. End of the line. Tomorrow’s headlines would be, “Two boys found dead in an old Datsun”


I am a little pissed with them. A part of me wishes they die. And a part of me says “Let it be”.


Anyways, here are the list of things that I lost:


1. My Nokia 6300

2. My IC

3. My driving license

4. My Maybank ATM card (which thankfully only had RM10 in it.. they honestly picked the wrong people to mug.)

5. And the bags containing the sales money. RM 1000 or less (maybe they got lucky with this one).


No more dark, narrow roads for me. I’ll use the main roads next time no matter how tired and how far it is.


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