During PE Lessons, a bunch of school boys gather around excitedly around one of their classmate who has a handphone in his hand.


“Check this out” the boy with the handphone, who sat in the middle of the crowded boys said excitedly.


The boys moved closer to him. Each one of them were curious as to what surprise he had in store for them.


The boy with the handphone made sure everyone was around him, and then with a swift motion, he tapped a button and a video file started playing.


In the video, there’s a visual of a girl naked and exciting herself.


“Hey! That’s Cathy right??” one of the boys shouted excitedly.


“Yeah man” said the boy with the handphone proudly.


“What the hell?” one of them exclaimed.


“Bugger! You got her to send you a video of herself naked! Salute!” another joined in.


The boy in the middle smiled broadly. “She was easy peasy. Just sweet talked a little and she opened everything for me.”


Everyone patted his shoulder in respect. “She was so hard to get lar dei! How the fuck you did it?” one of them asked.


“Very easy la bro… just bullshit and sweet talk lar…”


Everyone were amazed. Cathy, she was the talk of the town. The most gorgeous babe in school. And here’s James, who so amazingly tamed and brought her down to her knees. And that too with her clothes removed.


“She told me not to show the video to anyone lar, but do you think I care?” he laughed proudly at himself for accomplishing such an impossible feat.


Everyone joined in laughing.





In a tuition centre. It was still early for the classes to begin, so a bunch of girls sat huddled together, giggling to themselves.


One of them held a handphone in her hand and she sat in the middle.


“Ehh! Cathy, show! Show! Show!” one of her friend’s tried to grab the phone from her.


“Wait lar!” she said as she moved her handphone away from her friend.


She blushed and then whispered, “You girls really want to see or not?”


Everyone nodded and said “Ofcourseeee!!” together.


She laughed and showed each one of them a photo of James posing nude.


“He told me not to show the photo to anyone, but this one is just too funny!” she laughed.


Everyone joined in laughing.




Moral of the Story: The handphone was made as a communication tool. Keep it that way.


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