Mithran’s Abduction : Act Now Police!

Here’s my take on the recent storm that is slowly brewing in Seremban over the abduction case of a six-year-old, Mithran Viran @ Muhammad Nabil by his 31-year-old Muslim father. 

However, before I can give my two cents, allow me to summarise the events that took place. Here they are as follows;
Izwan Viran Abdullah (formerly Viran Nagapan), the boy’s father, converts to Islam in 2012. He had married Deepa Subramaniam in 2004 in a civil marriage. However, shit happened, Izwan converts Mithran without Deepa’s knowing, both couldn’t get along, and so last year, the Syariah Court granted custody to Izwan for both children after a divorce was filed.

Deepa filed an appeal at the Seremban High Court, leading her to gain full custody on Monday of the two kids. Seremban High Court’s Justice Datuk Zabariah Mohd Yusof said their marriage was a civil union and did not fall under Syariah law (take note; Izwan was Viran in 2004 but Deepa was and is still Deepa) and so, logically, Deepa holds custody to the kid.

Now, this is where things gets messed up. Izwan decides to take matters in his own hands and abducts Mithran on Wednesday with another friend despite only allowed to visit today (Saturday). He is reportedly in hiding (although he denies he is hiding when contacted yesterday) in Selangor while Deepa suffered injuries to her hands, knee and shoulder whenIzwan was alleged to have shoved her while driving off with Mithran in his Pajero. 

I have personally spoken to Deepa and have asked her if she is alright with Mithran being converted. Her response was a practical one; she didn’t mind the child being converted but not behind her back and not when he is still a kid.

“I also want my son to have his own freedom of choosing a religion. When he is 18, he is free to choose any religion he wishes to practice. No one should stop him. Not even me.” This coming from a woman whose family members (father and mother) have converted to Islam, leading her to be the only Hindu in the family now.

So, from the above, we have learnt and also understood that, frankly, this issue has nothing to do with religion as how many parties and politicians (and even police) perceive it to be.

It is an abduction regardless if there was a scuffle or not. It is a blatant offense against the court of law as Izwan was only allowed limited visitation rights.

I was utterly disgusted by the IGP’s statement that the Muslim father did not ‘kidnap’ the kid.Had it been the other way, an uproar would have ensued with swift action taken. I’m not being racist or anything, but I’m merely pointing out the fucking flaw in our country’s law system.

What was even more disappointing was the fact that when I contacted the Jelebu OCPD to gain comments, he asked me, “Do you know law?” He shared similar sentiments as the IGP, washed his hands and said, “Both parents have been granted custody. So we prefer if they sit down and discuss.”

Deepa’s response to his comment was spot on, “How am I to sit down and discuss with a man who has more than 20 police cases under his name? Why can’t the police take action?

Honestly, the police can take action if it really ponders on this case without any prejudice or fear.

Forget about the kid being converted and focus on the abduction aspect of the case. The man MUST be arrested for breaking the law, Muslim or not. [/sociallocker]


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