The old beggar walks through the busy Petaling street, clad in a pink shirt with the words, “I Love PM” on it. He passes by a couple who were trying to cross the street as well. Seeing the beggar, Mariam nudges her boyfriend Khairil and chides, “See, another Bangla wearing such shirts. Bet he got paid to vote and got a free tshirt for his so called services to the country.” Khairil shakes his head, clearly disgusted by what he had just witnessed. The two of them observed the old beggar as he crosses the street and heads to an alley, where there were few more homeless folks just like him. Muniandy sits down as Hasan asks him, “Managed to get any food?” Muniandy shakes his head and replies, “None. But I’m glad I found this shirt. Some kind soul gave it to me.” Hasan smiles and says, “Atleast you no longer have a dirty shirt on. Bless that kind soul. Some good soul gave me food too. Here have some.” The two of them sat and munched hungrily over a packet of nasi lemak under the shed of an old shop lot.


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