Marriage: Another Social Stigma

Marriage. Another social stigma imposed upon us.

Not that I’m against it though but hear me out. In the 21st century, marriage is defined by a piece of paper where two individuals sign and then lock it up in the cupboard and only remove it if a divorce or death takes place.

Sure it is nice and all being married but marriage is now defined as an institution.

What the fuck on earth are you even talking about? Institution is reserved for only one thing; education. If a husband and wife can shed their ego to learn and share, then yes, the union of two souls becomes an institution by its own right.

I prefer the word union rather than marriage. The word union is subjective, open to interpretation and holistic. Anyone can have a union with anyone simply because like it or not, we humans are like that. A father holds his daughter’s hands, that is union right there. A wife holds her husbands hands, that is union too. A son holds his mothers hands, that is union. In the end, it is all about love and love cannot be restricted to only one person or one thing. Two friends sipping on teh tarik and hearing each other out is a union.

Two rats copulating in a ditch is union too.

Marriage is a  constant battle between two Egos vying for control
Marriage is a
constant battle between two Egos vying for control

It is Ego that comes up with a silly idea and belief that, “No! You should only love one person and one person only! You can only have sex with one person and one person only!”

Marriage is a
constant battle between two Egos vying for control

Well fuck you, man. I’m going to love as many as I want to simply because I can.

And so, in marriage, a soul is constricted. Tied down to one soul. And so when we find out the other is cheating, the other fellow does the same. And then we witness a stupid thing called, divorce.

We also have this thing where many teens who are brimming with sexual energy are so confused and scared to have sex.

“Owh, I can’t. I believe in sex after marriage.”

“You have a penis, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then what the fuck are you waiting for. She wants it, give it to her, man. Come on! But make sure you use protection if you’re not ready to be a parent.”

And even if you do become one, so what? It is not the end of the world despite society telling you it is.

Society finds the need to criticise and comment because everyone is too busy cleaning other people’s closet and not cleaning their own.

Swingers have grasped this concept well. And so they are totally fine with allowing their other half to experience someone else simply because they know, deep down, the paper does not mean a thing. And that at the end of the day, like it or not, you have absolutely no total control over the other.

Many swingers lead a healthy sex life. And many are deeply in love with one another.

The only unfortunate thing is that many so called principle minded fellows view them as sluts and whores.

“Does it really matter if they swing? Why, you want to do the same too but you can’t simply because you’re all holier than thou? Man, go jump in a well. Who the fuck cares if they swing or not. End of the day, it is them who reap whatever they sowed, not you, O All Saintly Being.”

The problem with marriage is, it does not allow such freedom. Which explains why divorce is growing rampant.

You have young adults who are at a “marriageable age” growing absolutely frustrated for not being able to find “the one.” They fall in an out of love. Many fear that fucking word and I don’t blame them. I blame marriage for giving birth to such stereotypical mindset.

Ask any Asian and they’ll tell you, “I need to get a job, and then settle down and then have kids, and make sure the kids have a job and settle down and have kids and then my grandchildren…”

You’re not a robot, man.

Love is the absence of control. A union of two (sometimes even more) souls.

Love is the absence of control. A union of two (sometimes even more) souls.
Love is the absence of control. A union of two (sometimes even more) souls.

You’re a human being who experiences lust and love at the same time. Celebrate it.

You have all the rights to enjoy sex. The same goes with the other half.

The only thing is, are you ready to shed that Ego to allow it to happen?

Marriage has become a currency for Asians too. You have the silly double standard dowry concept where you got to pay a certain amount to make him or her your other half. And then once the money is banked in, you claim marriage is a beautiful thing?

It sure is if your pockets are full.
The amazing thing about a union is when two souls spend time with each other and when they have offsprings. A gift two souls created for one another. It is built on trust and not on a piece of recycled paper.

I can still be a father without the unnecessary documentations and be a swell one. And so can she.

As long as each soul conducts his or her duties well, parenthood and union will become a beautiful thing.

You’re not a body with a soul. You’re a soul with a body. Celebrate that gift!


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