Loving Oneness

Raindrops pattering the tent,
As the thunder above rolled,
A spontaneous honk by a car,
The Awareness of glancing takes place
Leaves start dancing,
A car passes by,
Creating tiny splashes,
A man comes to sight,
Walking with head bowed,
Lost in deep thought,
“What makes it all happen?” wonders he,
Another car passes by,
Raindrops continue dropping,
Slight whizzing can be heard from the tyres,
The heavy pattering of rain on the tent,
Growing louder,
The rain decides to descend in abundant,
As the man lost in deep thought,
Realises everything takes place,
Smacking his head,
He laughs,
It’s more than just a dream!
It’s spontaneity!
After all it is all me!
“Now, how wonderful if I fuse creativity,”
He smiles,
The laughter subsides,
Paving way to a profound sense of peace and calmness,
Of loving Oneness.


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