Love Within Love

I saw a dog pass by as I sat smoking on a cigarette at my usual spot, the 7 Eleven.The background, the very talented band of toads and frogs.The tall trees decorating the road remain as my sole witnesses.Occasionally a car or a motorcycle passes by.Or a tiny truck.

A pack of dogs.
Or the guy at the 7Eleven who comes out at times for a smoke.

A customer or two.

Everything in constant motion.

Life, happening. Life taking place.

Who am I but the stillness that resides within these events.

And yet, I am the event itself.

The programmer himself within the program.

And the program within the programmer.

Yin and Yang.

The character in a video game.

The video game inside a character.

The whole Cosmos in a human.

The human in the Cosmos.

The Balance.

Life within Life.

Love within Love.



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