“Knock! Knock!”

“Who’s there?” i asked.

“It’s me, Jesus! LOL”


That was a crazy joke that got stuck to Mani who also happens to be my Branch Manager. He caught that joke when he was surfing on the net during his free time in the outlet. He never heard of such a word called “Lol” and when he read it for the first time, he found it hilarious.

I later taught him words like, “Rofl” “Lmao”. And now i’m even planning to teach him the word “FUBAR” (Fucked Up Beyond Repair). It will be really convenient when used for our store’s electrical items. Not that they get spoiled all the time, but it’s just convenient to use words such as this.

I’m currently just lazing around on this PC while Mani is explaining to the rest of my colleagues about the recent incentive scheme that the company had just adopted. Kim Hock (the big boss’s son, nice guy) is assisting Mani in the explanation process. Siang, who’s plump, round and has straw like hair, wears spectacles and reminds me of a fat rat (he does look like a rat) is listening attentively with his mouth gaped open.

Thony on the other hand looks tired (he was working his ass off during the PC Fair) and i doubt he even catches any of the words that Kim Hock or Mani is saying. All he does is just nod his head.

Azizi is at the outlet’s entrance hoping that customers will come in. But it’s just 3.42 pm, no one really walks in to the store during this time around.

Jason the faggot is on leave today. Hate that asshole. He stole a customer from me and claimed it was his. What a slut…

Anyways, he will be made to work like a dog now that his best friend Azizi will be transfered to the HQ and i’ll be replacing Azizi’s place. I know, i’m vain, but it feels good 😀

Okay, i gotta stop writing. I don’t really feel comfortable writing while at work. And plus I don’t want them to know that i’ve got a blog.



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