Little Warrior


I walk out of grandma’s house and to the sandy porch. I notice a stick nearby and I pick it up. As I held it, the stick magically transforms into a gleaming sword. I see myself in a white suit and an armor, I’m a warrior. My surroundings which seconds ago was my grandmother’s porch suddenly transforms into a barren wasteland. I’m in a desert. I mount my horse and I ride in the wind, towards the setting sun. At the end of the sun, I see a golden tower. I run up the windy stairs, up and up I go, not taking a rest. And when I finally reach the top, my enemy awaits. Fear, turns to me, smiles and raises his sword and beckons me to fight. We fight as the sun slowly sets in the background, making the moon visible as the dark of the night engulfs us. The stars were our only audience as we battled for hours long. I take a few hits and start bleeding. Fear is about to claim victory. I fight on. With one swift stroke, Fear hits my sword and it falls a few feet away from me, down and down the stairs it goes. I hear the sound of the blade hitting the staircases as the sword slowly falls out of my reach. Bleeding, gasping for air, tired, I plop to the ground. I stare at Fear in his eyes. He grins, raises his sword and says, “This is the end of you.” And just as his sword is about to hit me, I roll over in swift motion, rise to my feet and kick Fear on his side. He falls and I immediately pick his sword and go for his throat. As I’m about to-

“Sonu! Dinner’s ready! Come back in, it’s getting dark.” I hear my Aunt shout.

The tower disappears, night turns to day, and I’m no longer in my suit and armor. The desert quickly morphs to my grandmother’s porch. As I slowly make my way into grandma’s house, I mutter to Fear, “I’ll get you tomorrow.” Fear smiles and says, “We’ll see. It was fun, see you tomorrow.” I smile and walk in.


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