Life in KLIA

There’s something about life in KLIA. People arrive and people depart. Those who depart make way for those who arrive. And those who arrive make way for those who depart. It’s a never ending circle.

And then you meet people like us who are there fixed, static. In place. Infinite.

The world revolves around you. The world asks you for directions, the price of the tickets, the price of the merchandise. The world asks you questions that you never knew existed. Questions that at one point, you thought you’ll never know how to answer.

But now, suddenly, you’ve grown up. Matured and you’re able to answer them.

It’s been a full week now working at the KLIA selling tickets (although all we have sold so far are the F1 merchandises). I’ve lost a little bit of weight which is good news to me. Abi has finally drove a car all the way to work and drove in the night. Although she still is nervous about driving but I guess her fear is not that much.

I think that’s really good news. I feel a little proud of myself for having the patience to teach her driving.

I have to be honest, the first few days were hard when I was there around her for 12 hours. She yacked non stop and it was actually driving me crazy. But I realised, after a week, she’s lonely. She just wants someone to be there and listen to her.

She talks alot about her dad. Things.

But I try to avoid the topic about her dad. She’s really sweet. Gets me Pepsi every once in a while from MC’D. And I have to be honest, today she’s not in the outlet, I feel like a crippled person. I feel like an old man who has lost his walking stick.

She makes a great coworker.

I realised one thing too, despite her personality (which is still the same) she has matured alot.

Most of the time, the things we talk about are Fear and Love. While she goes on and on about the topic of Love, I speak to her about Fear.

I fear Fear. I actually realised, I fear myself when I have Fear.

It was fear that drove me to drive the car all the way to KLIA to work (something which I would never have opted to do two years ago). It was fear that drove me work in this outlet despite the low pay. I want to conquer fear. If I do, I think that’s the most spiritualistic thing that I can ever achieve in life. Conquering fear.

Here are the things that I’m afraid of:

1. The Ocean
2. Heights
3. Roller Coasters and High Flying Theme Park Machines
4. Fear of losing people I love
5. Fear of change (I hate changes. I get extremely afraid if I see a new evironment)
6. I fear fire works
7. I fear the dark
8. I fear myself (when I get angry/frustrated, I do stupid things)

There many more but they’re just not coming into my mind right now.

In the past one year, I have managed to overcome one or two things from the above list. Like Roller Coaster and Theme Park Machines for example. I have fallen in love with them!

The thing about fear is that you should not let it mess your mind up. And even if it does, you should think logically. But the best way to face fear is just to face it in the face.

I’m glad Abi has faced her fear of driving and I challenge her always to not fear it.

Good news: I’m starting to love F1 and I know some of the teams by hard. I also know a little bit about the point system and the rules and regulations.

I’ve made friends with most of the staffs in the outlets nearby and Mr Raman has given us the parking ticket, which means now we don’t need to pay Rm 30 for parking everyday but RM 65 for a month. Staff parking.

I also find Japanese people very inspiring and I think Malaysia is a beautiful country. I’ve also planned to write a second novel (first, A Cup for the Martians, is still in the making) The second novel is going to be a book about life at the KLIA. I’ll work on the story line later but it’s about a group of friends who work at the KLIA.

Bad news: I’m confused as well. I don’t know if I should work and study or just study. And if i work, I’m confused to choose between teaching, journalism and film making. I wish I could do all three!

Anyways, I hope you people are doing great. I can’t wait to meet Jessy and the gang for Holi this weekend. It’s gonna be a blast!



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