Letter to Pa


Hey Pa,


Remember when I was a kid, you bought me a coloring book? Instead of coloring, I tore all the pages out, leaving the cover. We watched a Bruce Lee flick at the cinema and I came home all excited and I took my colorful marker pen, wrote a short story of Bruce Lee fighting bad guys on the cover of the coloring book. I even drew him. It was my first short mini “story book”. I then came over to you and showed you and you read it with interest. You patted my head and said, “Good, keep writing and drawing.”


Had you stopped me from doing what I loved (though back then I didn’t know it yet), I wouldn’t be writing.


Thank you.


Your son’s a journalist now. Starting work on Monday at the New Straits Times and God I just miss you in moments like these. I wish you were around, so that I can relay this good news. I know you’ll be proud. You’ve always been.


Love you and thank you. I can’t thank you enough. But really, thank you Smile


Love always,



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