Krishna Departs


The sound of flute engulfs the atmosphere, swallows it whole and takes everyone into a state of bliss. Trance like. Peace reigns, time stands still as the dark one with blue hue slowly mounts his golden chariot. As he climbs, he stops, turns around and has one last look at Arjuna. Their eyes meet and Arjuna, unable to contain his feelings anymore, starts tearing for he had been keeping them closely, not letting a single tear shed. But this time, just once, he cries. The dark one with blue hue smiles, a divine smile. A reassuring one. The last smile. Arjuna rushes, unable to contain his emotions anymore. Let me be a slave to emotions just this once. Just this once he says to himself as he rushes and hugs Krishna, tightly, never letting him go. Krishna, the master of time and space, knew this was coming, but being a cast himself in this divine drama, he pretends as though he doesn’t know what’s going on in Arjuna’s mind. Lovingly Krishna caresses the head of his old friend, kisses his forehead and embraces him. One last time. They hold on to each other. Krishna wipes the tears of Arjuna, looks at him and says, “I have to go.” Arjuna lets go off Krishna. He knew he has to let go of the form someday. He slowly steps back and allows Krishna to mount his golden chariot. Krishna’s eyes are on Arjuna as he slowly sits on his maroon throne, his eyes fixed. He smiles, one last time. One final time. The horns are blown. The crowd roars. Krishna leaves Arjuna.


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