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I’m very excited for my India trip so much so I was on Youtube almost the whole day watching clips of India. The video above is by a Russian devotee who took a video of the sights and sounds outside of the Puttaparthi ashram.


The thing is, inside the ashram, it’s really beautiful, but to really experience life in India, one has to step outside the boundaries of the ashram. And if you’ve watched the video above, that is EXACTLY how Puttaparthi looks like (outside the ashram). The various characters you meet and encounter and… man I’m speechless. India’s amazing Smile


The place he goes to is called the German Bakery. I’ve never been there but I’m looking forward to going there. Good news is they also have internet access over there (judging by the computers) and that means I’ll be blogging (if possible daily) on my India trip Smile


I’m extremely excited! Really looking forward to this trip.


Which reminds me, I need to find this book “Conversation Between God and Men” by G. Venkataraman. It’s a summarised and simplified interpretation of the Geeta. It’s part of the Sadhana as well.


The things that I’m planning to do when I reach Parthi is:


a) Take a rickshaw ride and an auto ride <—MUST

b) Plant my dad’s funeral coin under the meditation tree <—DOUBLE MUST

c) Bath or wade in the waters of river Chitravathi (if there is water.. the last time we went, the river was dry)

d) Taste India’s famous Kulfi brand ice cream!


I think that’s it. I’ve no desires as of yet. Looking forward Smile





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