I’m Only Human


For some reason today, I felt like hearing a song before going to bed. So I whipped out my phone and went on Youtube and decided to play a song performed by a good friend of our’s, Stephanie who also happens to do healing through music and sound. She’s extremely talented in terms of music and is an extremely down to earth, humble soul.



As I closed my eyes hearing this song, I had a sudden rush of emotions running through my heart and the moment Steph sang, “Jesus.. Krishna.. Gabriel..” I started tearing and before I know it, I started sobbing profusely.


Vivid images of my dad’s funeral and his body and him being alive kept flashing before my eyes and I sobbed for a good 20 minutes. Just kept on crying and crying. Every tear this time was because I missed him. I’m only human.


Once this body was satisfied, relived off it’s pain and I could feel the heart more lighter and the colors were coming back to it, the body slowly stopped crying. And then I was at peace and remained silence with myself for a few minutes, just taking in the whole healing process.


I realised the song sort of triggered the wave of emotions I had kept buried deep within me (I did feel my heart being heavy for the past two days) and the negativity and sadness channeled their way through the crying session.


I recommend this song to those who need to heal their heart, soul and mind. It’s a healing song and it’s beautiful.


Thank you Steph from the bottom of my heart (if you are reading this) Smile


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