I’m No Rap Star Man

Worked on a song for a friend of mine who composes sick music, Dhevein (who also goes by the music moniker, DJ Diskbreakerz). Here’s a draft of the rap/lyrics of the song I made. It’s still in it’s infancy stages though but feedbacks are welcomed:


Like a mafia walking thru the district,
With my shotgun, making them kill streak
In my trench coat, and you shiver like a freak,
I pop my gun in your face and the gun goes “click”
You thought it was over but no I’m way too slick,
As slick as a butter sandwich made in greek,
Scared ya, fooled ya but I hope ya get the hint
Probably ya thinking to get me jinxed

I’m no menace to the society, but society’s a menace to me baby,
Dennis the menace, a phantom’s menace, what a menace. Drum roll.


So yeah. That’s all I could write till now. Brain’s still jammed up but let me know what you guys think!


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