Here’s something I want to say that’s been in my head for a long time. I have people asking me, "How do you come up with those stories you write?" I would joke and reply, "While taking a dump or while I’m in the shower." And they would laugh and move on or change the topic of the conversation out of awkwardness. Let me tell you, ever wondered where and how artists, musicians, writers, and various other expressionists got the inspiration to write, make music, paint, draw, act and perform? Where do they get these ideas from? These amazing form of poetry, written work, this music, this work of art where anyone from every single age can relate to, how do they come across it? I’ll tell you. Perception and letting go of your fear and embarrassment. Let yourself wander freely in the green field of the mind. Let the Mind stroll, run, skip, fall, hurt, cry, laugh, smile, jump, get lost like a little child. Let it hear stories. Let it sing. Let it tell stories. Let it try. Let it experience. Let it get hurt. Let it fall in love. Let it.. live. Then, you’ll see why and how some of the greatest music, some of the greatest artworks, some of the greatest written work, came to life. Because these people are DIFFERENT, and they realised and embraced it. But most importantly, they shed their skin which was made out of fear; fear of mockery and scorn, fear of being labelled eccentric, fear of being different, and came out naked but not embarrassed of who they are and now, these same people sit and do the things they’ve always loved, sharing their eccentricity. How do I get ideas for my stories? I would say, by taking life too seriously that sometimes, it’s worth documenting everything I’ve experienced in the form of writing so that in years to come, I can look back, reminiscent and say, "Owh yeah! I remember this, I miss this moment. And this one! How could I have been so stupid?" But most importantly, reading back a story and seeing how much you’ve achieved/lost and grew 🙂


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