As a kid I used to imagine my life as a form of a story book. Months would be chapters and days would be pages of the book. Years would be the sequels. I still do imagine it. So calculatively, I’ve got 25 books about my life in a chronological order. Beats Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings any day.

Who’s the author, you may ask?

Honestly, I think it’s me. But there are times when I think it’s God as well when my hands gets too weak to write it 🙂

So this latest “book” of my life which is titled 2011, if I’m a reviewer as well as a book critique, I would summarise it in a phrase: “A roller coaster ride of emotions and lunacy of extreme proportion!”

Would it sell? I doubt so but the plots in 2011 are pretty good so it is quite a good read (I hope). I recommend reading it in the train, before bed with a cup of nice Milo, in between classes, before work and during lunch breaks. Reading in the toilet while doing your respective businesses is highly recommended!

You know, many of us would be asked the same question: “Was 2011 a good year for you?” It’s a question which many would have various different replies to. Some would say it was terrible. Some would say it was great. Some would say it was a mix of both things.

So, was 2011 a good year for me?

Honestly, what is really good? And what is really bad? To someone, the sun can be of nuisance because of the heat. To another rain can be a blessing in disguise.

2011 was a very educative year. Also an eye opening one in terms of alot of things. I’ve learnt so much and I’ve grown so much from it. I can only summarise whatever I’ve learnt in point forms:

1. Death is inevitable
2. Time is the only thing constant and change happens every second (and change is a MUST)
3. Good times come and go. And so does bad times.
4. Every single thing/ incident / object has a purpose or a reason for happening and being in place
5. Blame leads you nowhere
6. Love is beautiful (very beautiful) and is extremely powerful (never doubt it <- this one's to you Sukhbir you idiot..)
7. Ego eats people inside out. Humility brings about justice eventhough some people don’t respond to it well (here is where I give in to Gandhi. He was right after all..)
8. Sometimes sacrifice is needed and is necessary for the greater good.
9. Having hope is good. But having Faith is even better.

And lastly:

10. Life in the end, is what we perceive. If it’s beautiful, it’ll be beautiful. If it’s bad, it’ll be bad.

I hope you all had an educative year. And I pray that 2012 will yet be another educative year for all of us. In the end, despite all the mishaps that has happened to us, the mistakes we committed, the happiness we found, we’re still alive and still learning. That is what counts 🙂

Have a good year ahead folks. Love you all very very very much 🙂


P/S: What’s Hogmanay? Ahh that’s Scottish for you 🙂


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