Highland Towers – Moving on

Something weird took place at the office today. Tired and worn out after submitting a story on the Highland Towers, it was 6pm when I sat at my desk, logged in to Facebook and I started typing away a status (the usual long one, yes) as well as an update for my blog (anything I type as my status, goes to my blog as well) when I suddenly had a thought. I stood and walked over to one of my editors and asked if I could actually write a commentary, a first hand account of my experience at the towers. He said he would love to add my commentary in, unfortunately the space was full. He asked me to write it for the New Straits Times portal instead. So here it is, the first hand account of what it feels like to be in the supposedly haunted towers (I can’t copy the piece to this blog as I wrote it for the NST. However, no harm in linking it):




Trudging the muddy landscape of the now dilapidated and abandoned remaining two blocks of the Highland Towers to do a commemorative story on the disastrous landslide incident that claimed the lives of 48 people, 19 years ago.
Photo by: NSTP/Syarafiq Abd Samad NSTP


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