Hardships of a Sikh Family: Chapter 2


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***Note: Honestly, I first started writing when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I remember that day clearly because dad took me out for a Kung Fu flick at the now Rex theatre which has been turned into a shopping mall. We watched a Chinese Kung Fu movie (dad enjoys watching Kung Fu movies) and I was so intrigued by the movie that I came back home, took my old coloring book (the ones that have cats and dogs and you color them), I tore out all the pages except the front and back cover (so that it appears like a card) and took a magic color pen and wrote a short story about Bruce Lee fighting bad guys. I even drew him at the space available nearby.

I then showed it to my dad and he was impressed. He said to me, “You not only draw well, but you write well too.”

Good ol` Bapa.

-Chapter 2

Late Gurubak Singh was then only 15 years old. Once in Malaya (which is now West Malaysia) he came to know of Seremban, he also came to know of some job vacancies in a bus company. This company was known as Utam Singh Co. He went to the company and asked for a job. The boss of this company, Late Utam Singh was also a very kind understanding boss. This boss Utam Singh had another brother who was Late Chet Singh.


Late Chet Singh was running a fleet of lorries and a few taxies. Both those 2 bosses were very kind and advising bosses. They had a cook to supply the workers with food daily. Morning tea and bread, afternoon bread and rice, same at night daily so the workers did not have to eat out. Monthly the workers were also paid, but for the workers good, their pay was safely kept. So that when the workers wanted to go to Punjab, they had some money. Most of these workers were bachelors and they went to Punjab to get married.


Also some workers have left their elders and families back in their villages in Punjab.


(Curiously, again, dad ended the chapter like this)


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