Hardships of a Sikh Family: Chapter 1

***NOTE: Last year, I asked my dad (which was weird of me) to actually write stories of himself when he was a kid. I had a writer’s block back then and I wished to write something (into a form of novel) so I thought of the only thing I could write, my dad’s autobiography. Surprisingly, he agreed and said he would and the next day itself he bought himself an exercise book and started writing stories of himself when he was young. He wrote diligently for 2 months whenever he felt like writing. Being a humble person he was, he said “Excuse me for the grammatical mistakes that I’ll make in the stories. I leave the correcting to you.” I told him not to worry and write from the heart.

A year later, today, as I was rummaging through his drawer, I found the exercise book hidden under two photo albums. The book (or stories) were never complete and were written in short in the form of 18 chapters in total. However, I think it’s unfair if I left it as it is (in the exercise book). And here I am, writing these stories on his behalf. This, is his story with his own unique style (I’m not going to change the way he wrote them as I want people to read it as he wrote). He titled it, “Hardships of a Sikh Family”. I’m going to keep that as the title as a mark of respect for him. There are 18 chapters in total and I’ll post chapter by chapter. I guess, I got the inspiration to write from him.

This, is chapter 1.


-Chapter 1 

I, Kaka Singh son of the late Gurubak Singh Cheema (5/06/1991), am writing this true life history for all to read with interest.


My beloved father was born in the village and district of Cheemae. His late father who was Arjan Singh brought him up with full love and care.


Now, you will want to know if he first came to Malaya then, with his own interest, or if he was forced to come here. Infact there was a very serious reason of his coming to Malaya then.


This person, Gurubak Singh, was a very hot tempered, brave boy then when he was being with his father then in Punjab (Chemae district and village). I will tell you how he first came to be here.


When he was in Punjab then, he was involved in a wrestling match with another boy of his village. There were other boys too involved in these matches.


As I told you before, due to his anger, he killed the boy who was wrestling with him. While wrestling he choked the boy to death.


Some of the boys who were watching the match ran back to his house and informed his father of what he, my father, had done.


The father, the late Arjan Singh, knew that now the police will surely come after his son. Once after the son is caught, he would be tortured in prison and may even be hanged. So he gave Gurubak Singh some money, a pillow, a blanket and a book. He took him to Calcutta Port, as there was a ship going to Malaya. At that time there was no plane service to Malaya.


(Curiously, dad ended the chapter like this.)


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