Happy Worldcupping!


Today’s the World Cup!


Just four years ago I remember watching the opening game with my friends at home. Germany won 4 goals to 2 against Costa Rice. It was a memorable match with two memorable goals.


Anyways, I managed to get the Four Four Two Complete World Cup 2010 Guide book. Searched for it everywhere in Seremban until I came across it at a 7 Eleven shop near Punca Emas. I’m deeply indebted to Navin for driving me all the way there. Thanks bro!


I have totally forgot why I came here to blog. I’m mesmerised by these band. They performed at the World Cup concert last night. Check them out here:




An awesome band and an awesome song!


I’m gonna stick up the World Cup 2010 wall chart soon and might be going for the opening game with the gang later at 9!


Happy World Cupping people!


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